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New Thermo-Spot®

New Coating

Everything tastes good at ideal start temperature

TEFAL invents a new Thermo-Spot®,
the innovation that ensures you a delicious cooking everyday.
Flavour, texture, colour… thanks to temperature control, your cooking has never been so delicious!

How does
it work?


Full-flavoured meat

Seal in the flavor of your food


Crispy meat

No loss of juice


Searing meat

No burning

Potatoes and red meat dish
Excellence of taste everyday
Vegetables and salmon dish

Thermo-Spot®: delicious results approved!

Thermo-spot® always guarantees tastier cooking for delectable results everyday.

Discover the most durable coatings

Titanium Excellence

Test the robustness of the new innovation from Tefal,
Titanium Excellence, the longest lasting coating ever.

Titanium Excellence coating up to 3x longer

Excellence in durability

Titanium hard base for ultra resistance and durability

Top coat reinforced with Titanium inclusions

NEW: Exclusive and patented hard base coating

The new Titanium Excellence combines the best non-stick performance
with the strength of its patented hard base coating. This unique technology was developed
to resist 12 years of intensive usage for successful cooking day after day.

(1) Titanium Excellence coating lasts up to 3 times longer than Titanium Force coating.

Roasted potatoes and metal spatula
Cooking vegetables cooking in a pan with a metal spatula

Test the Tefal coating superiority!



Non-Stick performance


  • Non-Stick performance.


  • Repetition of burnt milk in the frypan.
  • Evaluate easyness of cleaning:
  • - With a squirt of water.

    - With a simple gesture.

    - Or if need to scrub.

Stop test:

  • When food still sticks and is impossible to clean.


Resistance to meal spatulas


  • Intensive usage with metal spatulas.


  • 5 cycles of cooking with metal spatulas : Potatoes, beans, steaks.
  • 10 cycles of scratching cooking : pork chops.

Stop test:

  • After all cooking cycles are repeated 3 times.


Non-stick resistance


  • Resistance to abrasion and conservation of non-stick properties.


  • Repeat cycles of 1000 abrasion with abrasive pads under 2 IN pressure.
  • Measure non-stick properties after each cycle.

Stop test:

  • When scratches to metal or complete loss of non-stick properties.


Resistance to warping


  • Warping after intensive usage of hot cooking and cold cleaning.


  • Measure initial concavity, concavity when heated at 180°C, and back to cold concavity of new frypan.
  • Repeat 25 thermal shocks.
  • Repeat measures.

Stop test:

  • After 25 thermal shocks.


Handle resistance


  • Handle resistance and deformation over time.


  • Series of up and down of the frypan.
  • Held by handle with 5kg loads inside.

Stop test:

  • After 15 000 cycles or break up.

test 1

Non-stick performance

test 2

Resistance to metal spatulas

test 3

Non-stick resistance

test 4

Resistance to warping

test 5

Handle resistance

Discover products of Excellence

Our latest innovation are available in our last generation of cookware ranges. Four ranges to answer all your needs, always ensuring delicious cooking and ultra resistant Titanium coating.

So intensive non induction pots and pans range
Pleasure non induction pots and pans range
Character induction pots and pans range
Expertise induction pots and pans range

Designed to resist everyday intensive cooking for
delicious cooking day after day.

Extra comfortable handle
Hard enamel exterior
Titanium force coating up to 2x longer

Ultra durable and comfortable for the pleasure of preparing
delicious meals every day.

Extra robust and elegant handle
Hard enamel exterior
Titanium force coating up to 2x longer

Ultra resistant and study for intensive cooks never compromising
on delicious result every time.

XXL handle
Induction coating
Titanium pro coating up to 2x longer

The most durable Tefal coating : Titanium Excellence to reach the
ultimate level of expertise in cooking.

Robust handle with stainless insert
Induction coating
Easy to pour edges
Titanium Excellence coating up to 3x longer

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TEFAL, the number 1 cookware brand that answers
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Perfect cooking thanks to Thermo-Spot® and ultra resistant coating lasting up to 3 times longer. This is the reason why Tefal is N°1.

Only Tefal does so much to guarantee you a tastier and healthier cooking…
Family cooking pizzas
Friends having dinner Only tefal does so much to guarantee you a tastier and healthier cooking
Friends having dinner This id the reason why choose tefal