Emotion Trendy for more pleasure
  • Thick optimal heat diffusion base

Emotion, get inspired by its look!

  • The best 18/10 Stainless Steel Alloy for an extended lifetime
  • The best manufacturing expertise to increase the product resistance
  • The best product design to maximize durability, pleasure of cooking and comfort

Special features of the EMOTION range :

  • Extra thick high impact bonded bases to avoid any deformation over time and guarantee uniform heat diffusion, for delicious, evenly-cooked results every time
  • Trendy and Elegant design for more pleasure of cooking
  • Highly visible measuring marks for an accurate cooking
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Aubergines with Napolitaine Sauce

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 19min

Cajun Chicken with Chunky Salsa

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 55min

Lamb and Apricot Tanjine

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 20min

Thai Chicken Soup

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 100min