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High Pressure
steam generators...

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Why do you need a high pressure steam generator?


High Pressure steam generators deliver up to 3 times more steam that penetrates into the very heart of the fabrics.

  • Water is stored in a large water tank, separated from the iron, and sent to a high pressure boiler.
  • A heating element heats the water and transforms it into steam.
  • This steam is then sent from the high pressure boiler to the iron through the steam cord.
Because not every steam station is as good as another
Do not be mistaken by appearances and learn how to recognize real high pressure steam generators
Tefal guarantees you a penetrating steam on 100% of its high pressure steam generators

"Steam station" is a vague name that doesn't guarantee high-pressure steam. Appliances labelled High Pressure offer you efficient ironing.


The steam base does not just locate the water tank but also the high pressure boiler. If the base is too light and / or the water tank is too large, this may indicate the absence of a High Pressure boiler.


The cap for scale maintenance. True High-pressure steam generators have a cap allowing access to the high-pressure boiler.


You can't have a High Pressure steam generator without a High Pressure boiler. Inspired by professional technology, this is the element that generates High Pressure steam for fast and superb results.

How to choose your ironing appliance?
Choose Tefal high pressure steam stations

All of Tefal’s High Pressure steam generators
guarantee optimal results in record time.

With fast heat-up generators, you can refill the
water tank at anytime. Its large capacity enables
you to iron longer.

Tefal gives you the choice

Tefal guarantees you a penetrating steam on 100% of its High Pressure steam generators.
A wide range of products, most of them equipped with the latest innovation and made in France:

Anti-Calc collector

Long lasting steam performances

3 electronic settings

The perfect combination of temperature and steam for each fabric

Autoclean soleplate

Long lasting glideability