Traditional cooking

is a continuous source of inspiration...

Spherical Pot Rice Cookers
Perfect homogenous cooking for delicious recipes

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Prepare delicious recipes with perfect texture
and taste, just like traditional cooking,


Spherical Pot

Ideal heat circulation for homogenous and delicious cooking due to innovative spherical pot

Durable spherical Pot, up to 3.0mm* thickness with 7 layers including durable & resistant non-stick coating for optimal heat circulation.

*depending on models

Many possibilities to


Spherical Pot Series Perfect homogeneous
cooking for delicious recipes


Prepare your favorite dishes
and visualize the cooking
through its see-through window



Ideal heat circulation for homogenous and delicious cooking due to innovative spherical pot.


Prepare tasty and
more evenly cooked



With 3D heating, the inner pot is encompassed by heat from all directions resulting in an ideal heat circulation for homogenous and delicious rice.


Achieve a professional
cooking experience



The temperature sensing technology allows the rice cooker to control the heating with much more precision, thereby ideal in cooking perfectly textured rice. Induction cooking also allows for high heating power resulting in fast efficient cooking for moist and sweet rice.


Convenient programs in all our products

Delayed Start and Automatic Keep warm up to 24h

Your meals will stay ready until it is time to eat! Pre-cancellation of keep warm is also possible. Delayed start will allow you to preset the cooking so it is finished at a desired time slot.


DIY Chef allows you to adjust the cooking temperature and time. Customize and save your own recipes.


A wide range of recipes

The spherical pot rice cookers allows you to prepare starters, main course or even desserts.

You can either choose one of the many programs (10 – 48 depending on the model) or the DIY mode which allows you to cook according to your own parameters.

Our recipe books will provide inspiration for the many possibilities offered by the Spherical Pot Series.